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Powering ahead in the race of eTourism
Today the World Wide Web is accepted as the mainstream consumer media in the world of Tourism, but yet another revolution is currently in progress with potentially similar impact. The Whole Wired World is evolving from a B2B and B2C market medium to a social and sharing channel. The remarkable role of social media, using generated contests, viral marketing practice and mobile media follow-ups will completely revolutionized the way wholesaler’s research, market, and distribute travel products globally.

This change has far more important implications for business, not just in the Tourism sector, which has generally embraced the Web as a marketing tool and now need to further adapt to this characteristic change. As a result we ask ourselves what is this change?
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Australia is a country of huge contrast, breathtaking beauty and unforgettable adventure. There’s so much to see and experience, from the energetic cities and magical outback, to the relaxed coastal lifestyle and inspiring Aboriginal heritage.
You’ll love the feeling of space and the fresh informal attitude that shapes Australian culture. From the wine regions to the wilderness, in Australia you’ll be welcomed like a local and invited to get involved.

Sun yourself on the unspoilt beaches and swim in the sparkling sea. Trek through rainforests as old as the dinosaurs. Learn about ancient Aboriginal culture through story and song. See the sun set over a red desert scattered with purples and lush greens.


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